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  • Fair Business is Good Business
  • Based on our ethos of providing useful and unbiased information to our customers and visitors we believe that fair business is good business. Perhaps this is why we receive so many recommendations from people who have used our services and feel confident to pass our details on to others.We warra…
  • Trust Lemon Accountancy with Your Business
  • Anyone can form a corporation or company. We do it better than anyone else. We offer fully customizable packagesto help you protect your personal assets, and affordable pricing. We have the experience you need to make the process as smooth as possible. And, our commitment to your business doesn…
  • Nobody Cares About Small Businesses Like We Do
  • To put it simply, Lemon Accountancyknows what you're going through. Every day, we talk to customers about how we can help them meet their needs. Some of our own employees ran their own businesses before joining our team. So, we ask our Business Specialists to treat your order as if it were their…

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    Lemon Accountancy is a pioneer and leader in Business Services in China & Hong Kong. Established in China, Lemon Accountancy is formed with a group of talents. Since its founding, Lemon Accountancy has been upholding the philosophy of "Integrity, Honesty and Trustworthiness". We provide comprehensive and quality services, covering various industries to meet the diversified needs of our clients.Over recent years, Lemon Accountancy has been constantly completing its global service network to provide a full scope and "one-stop" professi… [more >>]


  • C.P.A. CertificateC.P.A. Certificate
  • Attorney LicenseAttorney License
  • Finance Service License (PRC)Finance Service License (PRC)
  • Best Partner of Pingan BankBest Partner of Pingan Bank
  • Business Registration Certificate (HK)Business Registration Certificate (HK)
  • Certificate of Incorporation (HK)Certificate of Incorporation (HK)
  • Organization Registration LicenseOrganization Registration License
  • Lemon Accountancy Tax LicenseLemon Accountancy Tax License
  • Business LicenseBusiness License